Hi @soomalx!

Thanks for taking time to read my article! There are a few reasons why I decided to write about SOLID:

  1. It is a subject that I like and that was part of my master’s degree. During my master’s I always wrote technical articles about SOLID and I saw the opportunity here on Medium to write about it in a more relaxed way.
  2. The most popular articles I have ever read about have few practical examples. I saw the need to contribute a lot of practical content.
  3. This article was initially written in Portuguese and was very well received by the community. I understood that it would be interesting to bring the same content to english so that it would reach a larger audience.
  4. Knowledge is never too much.
  5. When I share knowledge, I’m also studying about the subject. Therefore, I’ll continue to write about this topic and to other topics that I’m currently studying.

Once again, thanks for the audience!

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Senior Software Developer/Tech Lead, master in Computer Science/Software Engineering, Java, open source, and software quality enthusiast.

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